Toning Exercises

Toning Exercises   If you want to tone up, it means you want to focus on developing a physique and shape your muscles. It isn’t the same as losing weight because when you tone, you could actually gain weight! But toning is physically better than the kind of gaining weight through bad eating habits. Instead [...]

Fitness Motivation – Your essential guide

Fitness Motivation   We've all done it - started an exercise regime only for it to fall away when work, family or life just gets in the way. So first off all don't beat yourself up about it, don't feel guilty, just accept that these things happen and use our Fitness Motivation tips to keep [...]

Workout at Home

Workout at Home - 5 ideas Going to the gym isn’t always practical. Maybe you find it too difficult to get there, or you can’t get time in your busy schedule to make the trek or maybe it’s as simple as the fact that you don’t like the environment. It might not be for you. Luckily, [...]

Pancake Mix

  Pancake Mix How to win friends and influence people by using this pancake mix to make delicious Fluffy Banana Pancakes. This is extremely straightforward and all you need is basic kitchen equipment like a blender and frying pan, although you are advised to give your one a better scrub than ours (sorry about that). [...]

Green Smoothie – Health in a glass

Green Smoothie Mmm, you can just feel your body getting healthier with this great Green Smoothie. It's fast, easy to make and we have a cute video to guide you through the steps just here.  You can have this in the morning, in place of a snack or in the evening. It can get you [...]

Sweet Glazed Walnuts – simple and tasty

Sweet Glazed Walnuts Our goal at Kelta Fit is to help people be happy and healthy - with a Scottish twist. We've developed recipes and videos that provide easy quick meals that are light, lean, Scottish cuisine. Sweet glazed walnuts are healthy and nutritious. Walnuts have beneficial effects on your body int he following ways: [...]

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