3 healthy habits

After the festive period, we thought we make a couple of small changes in our lives here at KFHQ.
We’re not fans of making massive change, partly because we know that these rarely work out.
For the last 2-3 weeks we’ve enjoyed homemade German Stolen cake, biscuits and midweek alcohol. Plus we’ve had more puddings than normal and lots of other stuff that Santa was good enough to bring. 
So we’ve decided, for January, that we’re going to make 3 small healthy habits. We’re going to cut out the 3 ‘S’.
Sugar, Snacks and Second Helpings.
Sugar will be hard. We got some lovely marmalade and honey for Christmas, but that will last until February. So will the chocolate.  We’re giving up cake (obvs).
We like a snack between meals, but if we have to (and let’s face it, most of the time we don’t), then it’ll be nuts.  But where we can we’ll give up snacking too. That’ll mean we’ll be hungrier for our meals and give our digestive system a rest. 
As for second helpings, this was a bad habit we got into. Food was part of a comfort to us in the crazy times and having the pots on the table meant that we often went back again. So we have kept our pots on the cooker and so far we’ve managed to avoid it (well it’s only been a day to two).
As well as being kind to our tummies, we thought it could help us loses a kilo or two. So we’re. Weighing ourselves at their start of the month and we’ll weigh in again at the end.
If you would like to join us in our 3 healthy habits then please do and let us know how you are getting on. We’ll be updating this blog every now and then. We’ll also be more regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you are looking for other posts on nutrition you can find them on our blog.