8 Tips for Healthy Low Carb Meals – Eat and Feel Lighter!

Eating less processed carbohydrates will tap into your fat resources and by the end of it all not only your blood pressure and sugar levels improve but you will feel lighter.  Here are eight tips that will help you do just that.

  1. Educate yourself on why low carb may be for you. Watch the discussions on the science behind low carb diets by an elite group of international nutritional experts
  2. Work out your daily carbs to ensure you are not overloading. Depending on body type and health goals you want to aim for 40% of calories coming from carbs. Here is a link from an expert dietician that explains with examples how to count carbs
  3.   Banish those afternoon energy dips. Start your day with protein and vegetables rather than carbs high in sugar to reduce midafternoon cravings. These make great filling low carb breakfasts
  4. Replace one rice/pasta meal with cauliflower. Here are two links to some easy, quick and delicious cauliflower recipes: BBC and Taste
  5. Shop for low sugar carb nutritious foods in advance to avoid reaching for the processed high carb foods. Here is a list to get you started
  6. Prepare delicious low carb meals in 101 ways, never running out of ideas!
  7.  Make Leafy Greens the foundation of your carb intake with nuts and fruits (10g) making up the rest if fat loss is your goal. This calculator is brilliant at helping you achieve optimal food intake as it is individually customized.
  8. High carb diet has been shown to interfere with insulin function and increase the risk of cognitive impairment as high as four times in participants. Read about more research on high carb effects here.

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