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HRT Weight Loss

HRT Weight Loss Is HRT weight loss a thing?  The menopause will come between the ages of 45 and 55. It can create many problems - impacting both the mental and physical health of women.  One of the effective treatment options for menopause is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  Free menopause wellbeing course Effectiveness of ...

Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer Online Personal Trainer has several benefits over face-to-face personal training. It's SO convenient. There is no need to meet your online personal trainer at a prescribed time. You can work out when (and where) it suits. Accountability - using an online personal trainer comes with some really great features that ...

150 minutes into hours

150 minutes into hours is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Why is this significant? Because it the time that the NHS recommend you spend exercising in a week. So what can this achieve? Well the NHS say that it can have the following effect. states that 150 minutes of ...

Guide to yoga

Yoga studio? Yoga at Home? Yoga Outside? It doesn’t matter where you do it, Yoga is great for you.

Guide to meditation

Guide to meditation Meditation has been proven to deliver many benefits. Not least putting you back in control of your emotions and your life. Our straightforward guide will help you get started. Help control the way you relate to the world.

Control your emotional eating

Emotional eaters are almost always blamed on being overweight as well as on their eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

10 Ways To Permanent Weight Loss

10 Ways To Permanent Weight Loss Permanent weight loss may be easier than you think. We’ve all been through a phase in our lives where we wanted to lose weight. It might sound easy in our heads, but the actual process of doing it is so tedious that a lot of us just ...

8 ways to boost your metabolism

8 ways to boost your metabolism Boost your metabolism 8 ways to boost your metabolism. Food is our friend here at Kelta Fit. We love it. Good, nutritious home cooked food (and the odd time eating out). Wouldn't it be great though if our metabolism could help out to burn off some of ...

5 mistakes you are making to slow your metabolism E-book

5 mistakes you are making to slow your metabolism The higher the lean mass, the higher your natural metabolic rate. 1 kg or 2,2 lbs automatically burns 31 kcal more every day. It might sound as a small amount , but if you'd be able to raise your muscle mass just by ...


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