Sweet Glazed Walnuts – simple and tasty

Sweet Glazed Walnuts Our goal at Kelta Fit is to help people be happy and healthy - with a Scottish twist. We've developed recipes and videos that provide easy quick meals that are light, lean, Scottish cuisine. Sweet glazed walnuts are healthy and nutritious. Walnuts have beneficial effects on your body int he following ways: [...]

Filming of the DVD at Hendall Manor

Kelta Fit video location The Kelta Fit DVD was filmed at the fantastic Hendall Manor Barns, nr Uckfield, East Sussex. A beautiful venue in the heart of the Sussex countryside, when we saw the space we knew it would be the perfect backdrop for our filming. The main stone barn originally dates back to the [...]

DVD Update

We're delighted that the DVD is currently being pressed. We're really happy with it and we hope that the cover captures the spirit of Kelta Fit. Let us know what you think.....

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