Fit Girl – Health and Fitness Tips for Women


Fit Girl

Health and fitness can be a difficult thing for anyone. Becoming a fit girl means staying motivated and keeping up with a routine. It can involve a lot of personal sacrifice and hard work. If you are struggling, here are some challenges for sticking with it. Challenges should be motivating so choose something that interests you and that you can easily fit into your day. If you would like more challenges then check out The 7 Day Challenge

Fit Girl – challenge 1 – Change your routine

Change your exercise routine every 14 days. Sticking to the same routine can be very monotonous and it has been proved that a change in routine can make you feel more challenged.

Fit Girl –  challenge 2 – Use a Kettle Bell

At the end of a gym workout routine, you should swing a kettle bell 100 times or as close to that number as you can get. The workout will strengthen and tone your glutes and upper thighs. Remember that you need to get be trained in using the kettle bell.

Fit Girl – challenge 3 – Never Skip a Meal

It might come as a surprise to you but skipping a meal is not going to help you become healthier or slimmer. You should work on your diet plan so that you eat little and often. Portion sizes shouldn’t stretch your stomach or make you feel full. The more you stretch your stomach, the more your stomach grows.

Fit Girl – challenge 4 – Stop Staring at the Scales

You shouldn’t focus on the scales. A woman’s weight is very likely to fluctuate from something as simple as hormone imbalances.  A few pounds of weight loss mean very little in the grand scheme of things. This is especially true when you are building muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat, so the more you build muscle, the more you will weigh. In the end, it’s not your weight that matters, it’s how you feel about the shape of your body and the way you feel in your clothes.

Fit Girl – challenge 5 – Keep Hanging in There

Not being able to do a pull up or get to a yoga position doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Even hanging on to a bar is enough to increase your muscle strength and get you one step closer to reaching that goal.

Fit Girl – challenge 5 – Stop Repeating Yourself

Never do the same workout over and over again. You will only be building the same muscles, getting yourself bored and never really learning how to get a well-balanced routine in place.

Fit Girl – challenge 6 -Find a Friend to Stay Fit With

Nothing can be more motivational than a friend who you can arrange to go on a run with or a cycle even. Friends can help make exercise feel less like it’s something you have to do and more like it’s something you WANT to do.

Fit Girl – challenge 7 – Memorise a Mantra

Find a mantra or motivational saying that keeps you going and repeat it to yourself when you are working out. You will find the repetition will help engage yourself and keep you going for longer.

Fit Girl – challenge 8 – One Thing at a Time

Change your habits, one at a time. If you focus on making one change at a time, then you can learn to make it a routine and then move on to the next thing. If you try and do everything at once, you will struggle and demotivate yourself when you are unable to make the changes effectively.

Fit Girl – challenge 9 – Invest in Your Fitness

Being fit and healthy shouldn’t be expensive but investing in it can also help to keep you motivated. Something as simple as paying for a monthly gym membership can make you think: ‘well I better go at least 3 times a month to get my money’s worth’. The same is true for healthy food and home fitness equipment or a bicycle.

Fit Girl – challenge 10 – Get a Motivational Playlist

Put together a playlist of songs that will help keep you fit and motivated for the gym at any time. Set a motivational song as your alarm when you want to get up and exercise or start the playlist when you are getting ready for the gym before you leave.

Fit Girl – challenge 11 – Stick with the Protein

Protein fills you up faster than carbs so you are less likely to overeat. Make sure you increase your intake and lower your carb intake.

Fit Girl – challenge 12 – Let Life Happen

The main thing is – take it easy. When something comes up, we call that life. Sometimes we can’t help it and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up. If you have to change your schedules or do something unpredictable, do it. Just make sure to make it up to yourself afterwards.

If you are looking for a home workout then check out Kelta Fit video or if you are looking for other challenges to help you sleep better, exercise more or improve your diet then have a look at The 7 Day Challenge