Fitness Motivation


We’ve all done it – started an exercise regime only for it to fall away when work, family or life just gets in the way. So first off all don’t beat yourself up about it, don’t feel guilty, just accept that these things happen and use our Fitness Motivation tips to keep you on the right path.

At Kelta Fit we recognise that everyone is different when it comes to motivating themselves and it will take some dedication and practice before you find the tools and routine that is just right for you. Luckily, the many people that have come before you have all brought some tips from their experiences. These might not ALL work for you but some of them will fit with your personality and lifestyles perfectly. Find out what works best for you.

Fitness Motivation Tip 1 – Put on Your Workout Clothes

If you are planning to go on a workout after work or in the morning, the first step is to get on your workout clothes. As soon as you wear them, you will feel like you can’t do anything BUT workout and you’ll feel super guilty if you don’t.

Write Down How You Feel After Working Out

After you have accomplished a great workout and achieved a goal, write down how you feel. Then when you are feeling demotivated, you can read those thoughts and you will be motivated by what you wrote.

Fitness Motivation Tip 2 – Sign Up for Boutique Classes

It might seem more expensive in the long run, but you’re far less likely to miss a boutique class you’ve signed up for and you’ll get the full 45 minutes to an hour burning those calories.

Fitness Motivation Tip 3 – Go to Group Classes

Group classes can be more motivational than working out on your own. The reason is because the buzz and the motivation of the members of the class can transfer onto yourself. You never want to be the person who quits and leaves early, so you keep going until the very last bit.

Fitness Motivation Tip 4 – Hang Up Your Motivation

Hang up motivational pictures or sayings on your mirror, calendar and fridge. Remind yourself to stay motivated and keep your goals in front of you so there is a constant reminder of what you want to work towards.

Fitness Motivation Tip 5 – Give Yourself Micro Challenges

Accomplishing a goal can make you feel powerful and motivate you to spur on even harder with your routine. Give yourself small challenges to reach when exercising, like running for an extra five minutes or doing an extra 10 reps. Check out The 7 Day Challenge to find micro challenges that fit in with your life.

Fitness Motivation Tip 6 -Get a Healthy Balance

To see results quicker, start working on what you put in your belly. Learn to cook and eat healthy and love your body.

Fitness Motivation Tip 7 – Enjoy Nature

When you are feeling a lack of motivation, pick a scenic route to cycle, walk or run and tell yourself that you will get a chance to see something beautiful and take some pictures in the process.

Fitness Motivation Tip 8 – Make Exercise Your Favourite Thing

Don’t let exercise become something you HAVE to do. Make it something you want to do. Pick exercises that are fun and vibrant. Hang out with energetic and active people. Live for the excitement of life. Keep telling yourself you love it.

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