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Wouldn’t you like to earn some more money from the comfort of your own home, doing something that you like? Plus do that in a completely risk-free way? If you are a self-starter and motivated then read on…..
These are difficult times and we could all use some extra cash. But why should you invest in learning something that might not work for you?
We totally get your concern.
That’s why we’ve introduced a 100% compensation scheme. If you do not earn the price of your training (£220) or your monthly membership (£20) then we refund you the difference.
So how does the training work?
It’s all online of course. We have a neat training package that takes you through all the steps of the Kelta Fit class. We also provide the soundtrack for you to use. You then have to upload your qualifications and do a demo video. Our head choreographer reviews this. You either pass or get points to work on and you can resubmit.
After you have passed the course you can start out as a Kelta Fit instructor. You may already have an online following in which case you want to offer this as an addon class. You may be starting out from scratch and that is where our 100-day kick-starter pack comes in. This will guide you in setting yourself up as an online instructor and help you market your business. 
So how does it sound?

This is what you’ll need
  • Level 2 Exercise to music or equivalent (contact us if in doubt)
  • Insurance
  • PPL licence (if you want to use other music than the Kelta Fit soundtrack)

This is what we’ll give you
  • Online training in one or more of our accredited courses
  • Access to Kelta Fit Business Club to grow your business
  • Simple marketing model to follow
  • Social Media diary
  • Tips on building your social media presence
  • Updated choreography and music suggestions
  • Monthly e – meeting with our founder, Ed McCabe, MSc Marketing

This is what it will cost you
  • Online training course – £220
  • Business Club membership £20 per month
  • Please note Business Club membership is compulsory

“The training is fun, involving and it is great to be able to do it at my own speed.”

“I find being a member of the Kelta Fit business club really useful. The tips and practical support is great and it has helped me grow my business.”


We only onboard a small number of instructors at one time. 

We like the personal touch.

So put your name in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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    Kelta Fit Business Club

    We really, really want your business to succeed. That’s why we’ve launched the Kelta Fit Business Club (KFBC).

    To be successful any business needs to market itself and the KFBC is here to help you.  We give you a simple 100-day plan to follow so that you get the best bang for your buck. We include social media tips as well as proven marketing techniques. It’s simple, easy and fun to follow.  We also advise on any new choreography and music. So, whenever you want to freshen up your class, take some time to refresh on your skills or ask for some advice, it’s just a click away.  You will also be able to join our co-founder, Ed McCabe, for a regular webinar / online chat where you can ask him any questions. We are committed to being a customer-driven business so help us tailor ourselves to your needs.  All of this is included in your monthly subscription. We think this is the best support package in the business and we continue to evolve the KFBC based on your feedback.

    Our money-back guarantee.

    As part of your agreement, you have to set up your classes on the KeltaFit website. We will advise you of all the bookings you have. We take the payment and process the PAR-Qs. We deduct 15% and pass the rest of the revenue on to you. If after a year you have not made the cost of your training back then we will refund you the difference.  Also as a member of the business club if you have not made your monthly membership in sales then we will refund you the difference. See the example below.

    Month 1- you run 4 classes at £5 per head. You make only 3 sales. = £15. We give you back £5

    Month 2 – you run 4 classes at £5 per head. You make 15 sales = £75.  Kelta Fit take 15% arrangement fee and you receive £68.75

    Month 3 – you run 4 classes at £5 per head. You make 30 sales = £150. Kelta Fit take 15% arrangement fee and you receive £127.50

    If you sold 10 spaces for your class at £5 and ran 4 classes per month you would make £200. Kelta Fit would take 15% and you would receive £170