Create a healthy lifestyle

Kelta Fit is delighted to announce a new healthy lifestyle resource called the 7 Day Challenge.  This  is designed to nudge your life in a healthier way. You can do anything for 7 days right? Well, with the help of the 7 Day challenge you get to transform your life 7 days at a time.

We have combed the web to find some of the best resources that are aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle. We have courses that help you lose weight, exercise more and sleep better. The 7 Day Challenge lets you tailor your healthy lifestyle journey. Every individual is different, so following one diet or one exercise regime doesn’t work for everyone. The unique aspect of the 7 Day Challenge is that it provides you with science backed information (in an easy to understand format) and then let’s you choose how to apply this to your life. You will find lots of advice and examples of how it could be applied to your life however it is up to you to choose what would work best and only you know that.

Take control of your healthy lifestyle journey

Let’s guess – your life is busy, right? Nobody knows your life better than you – the stresses and strains, what you like doing, what you loathe doing. So why follow a set diet or a regime that works for someone else? It may suit you but at some point there will come a clash with your own lifestyle and that where diets, exercise programmes etc. often come unstuck.

The 7 Day Challenge offers you a chance to nudge your life in a healthier direction. Taking small, but significant steps that you can easily integrate into your day will mean that you have a better chance of following through. Your wellbeing is a mixture of how well you sleep, exercise and eat.  It’s complex and if you’re not sleeping well, it can be harder to live healthily in your diet and exercise. That is why we have created these different courses, so that you can find the one that interests you. Each course has information about why it is important and tips on achieving your aim. After you have watched the videos you can decide which ideas you are going to use and how you are going to integrate them into your life.

Why 7 days?

One of the keys things you need is focus and by taking a 7 day approach you can plan with better knowledge of the week ahead. Each week you work out what action you will be taking to help achieve your goal. Small , concrete steps will help you get there.

So check out our Blog for more information on your journey to better wellbeing.