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How many times have your grand plans for change crashed and burned?
If you are anything like me, then more often than I care to remember or admit (until now).
Changing your life can seem so hard.
‘Eat carbs’
‘Don’t eat carbs’
‘Don’t drink’
‘Drink red wine’.
Etc. Etc
It’s enough to make you stick your fingers in your ears and shout ‘Na na na na na’
So let’s stop trying to do the impossible. Let’s give ourselves a break and let’s make change easy.
Yes, easy.
Our health courses launch in January 2020. Two key principles underpin them.
1) Knowledge is power. We provide you with relevant information, based on science.
2) Take small steps to a new life. We mean REALLY small steps. We call this the Nudj effect.
Why does the Nudj effect work?
1) Because they are small steps they are easier to achieve.
2) Because they are easier to achieve, then you are more likely to try them.
3) It is easier to restart them if you stop for any reason.
4) You can see progress and this motivates you to continue
Based on Science
We have involved research scientists, nutritionists and web designers. They have developed a simple to follow programme. This will Nudj your life in the direction that you want to go.
The course will launch in January 2021. Register your interest before the cut-off point (exact date TBA). You will receive a large discount.
So put your name down and we’ll tell you when it’s available.