30-day challenge – improve your wellbeing

Take the 30 day challenge and improve your wellbeing. Over the course of one month, we will provide you with ways to improve your sleep, exercise and diet. Your wellbeing is made up of these 3 ingredients. Additionally, each one has an impact on the other two, so it can be hard to improve your diet if you are not getting the right amount of sleep. ‘Please pass the chocolate I need a boost!’ – we’ve all felt it, if not said it.

During the 30 days you’ll be given insights. Things like –  writing a food diary, finding the right plant to purify your bedroom, getting you and your work colleagues moving. So little by little, you will find your life getting more active. Moreover. you will sleep better and your diet will be healthier.

We don’t know you, only you do (and perhaps your dog/cat/partner). This course has been designed to give you lots of information, tools and inspiration. The rest is down to you. You choose the areas you want to work on.  Although we guide you, give you suggestions and downright advice (cause we all need that, right?) our programme is completely guilt-free. Do not feel bad about yourself or be hard on yourself. We’re on your side. Why? because we’ve been there. We’ve suffered from low motivation, the feeling that we can’t change things, the rush, rush, rush of modern living. Feeling out of control.

Wellbeing – Now is the time for you.

To take back some control over your life and improve your wellbeing. Above all, it’s time for you to be kind to yourself and your body.

Oh, we have a money-back offer too. If your wellbeing has not improved by the end of the 30 days, just let us know and send us your food diary filled in for 30 days and well send you back your cash. Does that sound OK? If so let’s get started on the 30-day challenge. Download our EBook and we’ll work together to get started.

PS We encourage you to exercise tot eh Kelta Fit video, which helps pay our wages, however, if you’d rather substitute this for something else then that is fine too. You can get the video here.  If you are in London you may want to check out our sister company Ceilidh Club