Squat! – 7 tips to squat and build up strength.

Squat for all the right reasons Squats rate as one of the most functional exercises that benefit overall health and can be done anywhere anytime! Learn how to do it - before you start diving in you want to ensure that you prevent injuries. The correct form will save you time off exercise as well ...

7 rules to unite human beings

7 rules to unite human beings Interesting ideas based on the work of Oliver Scott Curry, Daniel Austin Mullins and Harvey Whitehouse Get £5 off the Kelta Fit DVD by using the code Health

Gut Biology – why it is important to get it right

Bacteria in our digestive tract used to be something we feared, seeing it as something that was going to make us ill. But recently we’ve learned that the right sorts of bacteria in the right proportions are very important to our health. Have a look at this scientific article to find out just how important ...


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