Toning Exercises


If you want to tone up, it means you want to focus on developing a physique and shape your muscles. It isn’t the same as losing weight because when you tone, you could actually gain weight! But toning is physically better than the kind of gaining weight through bad eating habits. Instead of gaining fat you’re gaining muscle, teaching your muscles to be stronger and have a better shape.

I like to do toning exercises alongside weight loss because a more dramatic improvement is seen when the areas that you find flabby and fat, start tightening and reshaping. Let’s look at some toning exercises from top to bottom and how they can help you become fitter. If you want to dance your way to a toned body then check out our video Kelta Fit

Toning Exercises for your arms and shoulders

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Start with 3k if you are new and increase the weights as soon as you feel it is starting to get too easy. Bend over from your waist until you are at a 45-degree angle and your arms are stretched almost to the floor. With your dumbbells in hand, lift your arms until your elbows are in line with your shoulders and at a 90-degree angle with your forearms.

While in this position, you should start to squeeze your shoulder blades until you feel a little pinch.

Shoulder Cycles

Again, start by standing up on the ground and with your hands stretched out in front of you but facing together. You should have a light to moderate weight in each hand. This one is as simple as pushing your arms out to your sides and then back to your original position. Think of it like opening your curtains in the morning.

Overhead Triceps Extension

Start standing up with your arms over your head and a light to moderate weight dumbbell in each hand. To tone up your triceps, let your forearms fall towards the back of your head and lift them up again over your head.

Half Kneeling Bicep Curls

Start by having one knee on the ground and one 90-degrees with the ground – also known as a lunge position. Put a dumbbell in hand on the same side of your body where your knee is touching the ground. Make sure you start with your arm extended to the ground and carry the weight of your dumbbell all the way up to your chest to tone your bicep. Repeat on each side of the body.

Toning exercises for your chest

Push Ups

Also working your shoulders and core, the push up is a great way to keep the chest toned up. Start with your body on the ground and use your arms to lift your weight. You can make this easier by laying your knees on the floor and lifting half your body weight instead. Remember to shift your body weight over your shoulder so you can push yourself harder.

Bench Press

With your body on the ground or a bench, you can either use two dumbbells or a full bar to lift the weight from your chest to the sky with your arms fully extended. Make sure to start with lighter weights and steadily bring yourself up.

Dumbbell Fly

Starting in bench press position with dumbbells in hand and arms raised in the air with arms slightly bent, now let go carrying weights down until your arms are at right angles with the rest of your body and your elbows are still slightly bent.

Toning exercise for your abs

The Boat

A yoga move turned excellent ab exercise. Start with your back on the ground and your knees raised and calves are horizontal with the ceiling or ground. Now lift your chest off the ground and extend your arms until they are in line with your knees. Keep holding this position as long as you can. If you want to make it harder you can extend your knees so that your legs are straight, adding more weight to the burn.


Starting in push up position, let your elbows hold your body weight instead of your hands. Make sure your body is straight and your toes are on the ground and hold this position as long as you can. Time yourself so that each time you can push yourself to get better.

Ski Lift

With your back against the wall, lower yourself down until your upper thighs are at right angles with the wall and your calves are at right angles with the floor. You should look like you are sitting down with your back straight against the wall. Now keep hold of this position as long as possible.

Toning exercises for your legs and glutes

Warrior III

Start with your legs together standing up straight. Now lift one of your legs backwards until it is horizontal with the ground and at the same time, bend forward from your waist to counteract the weight. You can extend your arms backwards to retain balance. Now hold this position until you feel the burn and swap sides.


Start with your feet hip width apart and your back straight. Now bend your knees until you are in a seated position and raise your arms over your head or out in front of you. You can do single reps or pulse your squats. To make it more difficult hold a weight in line with your collar bone or extend your legs slightly further apart to stretch deeper.


Start by standing with your feet together at hip width apart and back straight. With one leg, take a big step forward and bend your knee until it is at a 90-degree angle. Your back knee should also be bent until it is practically touching the floor. You can make this harder by holding a plate or dumbbell on the same side as the knee that you are lunging forward.

If you want to add some music and a fun dance routine to your moves then check out our video Kelta Fit