Online Personal Trainer

Online Personal Trainer has several benefits over face-to-face personal training.

  1. It’s SO convenient. There is no need to meet your online personal trainer at a prescribed time. You can work out when (and where) it suits.
  2. Accountability – using an online personal trainer comes with some really great features that allow you to manage your own accountability by regular self check-ins. It also is very easy for your coach to see how you are getting on during the week. This means they can monitor you during the week and set reminders (if you want).
  3. Habit tracking. Your online personal trainer is able to help you get into better habits. After consultation with you, your coach will set daily reminders for you.
  4. Bonus material – Your coach has access to lots of bonus material e.g. courses, videos, fact sheets and much more. They will use these to keep you interested and motivated.
  5. Move your level of involvement up or down. We offer 3 levels of support depending on how much time you have and your budget. You can move between these to suit your needs. Many face to face PTs find it difficult to increase their time with you. This is much less of an issue with online PT.
  6. Good for the environment. For each package that is taken out we will plant between 1-3 trees. We are working with Trees For Life. It’s a charity that is rewilding the Scottish Highland. So you are helping nature too!
  7. Exercise together. Join with your partner or a pal and keep each other motivated. It is much easier to find the right time to exercise when you are online. Couple exercising together
  8. All the facts and figures at your fingertips – either through our fitness app or via our web portal
  9. Money back guarantee. Try it and if you don’t like it after a week, then we’ll give you all your money back. No quibble.