Welcome to the Kelta Fit Wellbeing blog. This relatively random selection of posts will let you know what going on in Kelta Fit HQ and other stuff that can help with leading a healthy lifestyle. We treat writing the blog as a type of therapy so that we can gather all our Kelta Fit Wellbeing ideas together in one place. We realise that there’s lots going on in your world, so with your permission we’ll try to keep it short and to the point.

The Keltafit Wellbeing Blog will cover news about the brand, recipes, videos, and interesting stuff about diet, exercise and rest – the holy trinity to your wellbeing. If there’s one thing we believe in above all else is that a healthy lifestyle is something that we can all choose and want. We recognise though that all our lives get a bit out of shape at times. Often through no fault of our own. So don’t be hard on yourself, recognise where you are on the journey to a healthy lifestyle and don’t beat yourself up. We are all unique and our motivation and opportunity will change over our lives. We just need to find new ways to lead a healthy life given our current circumstances (which won’t last forever).

We hope you enjoy reading the Kelta Fit Wellbeing Blog. We’re on your side and we want you to succeed. We hope that the Kelta Fit DVD or classes work for you, but we’re not precious about it, what matters is your health and we hope to introduce as much fresh information to you through this blog that we can.

If there is something you’d like us to cover then please let us know, we’re always scouting about for new topics and a challenge is a great way of finding motivation to write about something new. So drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Ed and the Kelta Fit Team 


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