Squat for all the right reasons

Squats rate as one of the most functional exercises that benefit overall health and can be done anywhere anytime!

  1. Learn how to do it – before you start diving in you want to ensure that you prevent injuries. The correct form will save you time off exercise as well as make it more enjoyable and ensure that you are working the correct muscles. Here is an excellent link from a physical therapist expert showing how to complete a Squat correctly
  2. Understand the benefits –  to appreciate this fantastic total body exercise and inspire to practice squats daily  Information about why and how to do any exercise can help you when the going gets hard. 
  3. Do a Challenge so that you keep your motivation high and add variation to your routine. Try this incredible squat variation challenge preferably not on a workday! Check it out here.
  4. Brush your teeth and sneak in a 2-minute routine. Try these four moves while brushing your teeth for two minutes and feel the burn in your glutes.  You really can add squatting to your life in lots of different situations.
  5. Home Squats. During T.V commercials keep moving by trying some of these lower body Squat exercises that keep your metabolism going! If you have a partner ask them to join in as well. You’ll find it is great to get off the sofa for a while.
  6. Daily Squat with fun Apps; squeeze few minutes of Squats in the morning, some during work breaks and few more just before bed! Apps are developing all the time so do some research and check out which is the best one. 
  7. Use resistance bands for adding variety and activating more muscles at the same time. 
  8. Bonus tip – Try 40 more variations and challenge yourself. See them here 

Happy Squatting!


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