Homemade mixed fruit spread

Mixed Fruit Spread Enjoy your own home made mixed fruit spread. It's cheaper, tastier and more satisfying than the shop bought stuff. Plus you can adapt it to your own tastes. Follow the recipe instructions underneath or watch the speedy video below. Don't forget that if you want to see more of our videos, then [...]

Home workout for women

Home Workout for Women A busy schedule and heavy responsibilities of life make it tough for us to focus on our health and fitness. This home workout for women can be done without any equipment, making it easier to fit into your day to day routine. Home workout for women A - 5 Minute Cardio Circuit [...]

How to make a Banana Smoothie

How to make a banana  smoothie Even if you barely have a moment to spare in the mornings, you can still have a delicious and healthy breakfast by making yourself a banana smoothie. You can whip up this smoothie in a hurry and you can drink it on the go if you need to. We've [...]

Fit Girl

Fit Girl - Health and Fitness Tips for Women   Fit Girl Health and fitness can be a difficult thing for anyone. Becoming a fit girl means staying motivated and keeping up with a routine. It can involve a lot of personal sacrifice and hard work. If you are struggling, here are some challenges for sticking [...]

Home Made Orange Chicken Salad with Fennel

Chicken and orange salad with fennel   This is a great dish if you are looking for some protein and vitamins. Try to get some organic Scottish chicken if you can, otherwise any organic chicken will do. Free range will be the next best if you can't get organic.  This recipe serves two as a main [...]

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